Cosmetic Injections & Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy, the missing link in conventional healthcare

French doctor Michel Pistor invented mesotherapy in 1952, and in 1987 mesotherapy was recognised by the French Academy of Medicine as a specialty of medicine. Mesotherapy has expanded most successfully in the domains of pain
management, sports medicine and aesthetic medicine. The technique of mesotherapy is held in high regard in France. Almost all French soccer clubs have a mesotherapist to treat their members, and all French athletes are treated with mesotherapy. This is because mesotherapy deals with inflammation and pain control, aids recovery providing treatment using low doses of injected ingredients with no or very few side effects. Mesotherapy is one of the advanced therapeutic techniques in Anti-aging and Bioregulating Medicine. Mesotherapy uses the series of shallow microinjections of highly diluted medicines into acupuncture points, trigger points and affected skin areas on the body as well as face, neck, hands and decollete to control pain & stimulate body's self-healing or skin's self-rejuvenation processes. This technique is also used for the treatment of cellulite, acne, skin hyperpigmentation (melasma), alopecia, chronic venous insufficiency (swollen ankles) as well as for localised fat reduction, stretch marks and skin slackening on the tummy, waist line, arms, double chin, 'eye bags', knees etc.  

Mesotherapy used for beauty treatment is also known as Skin Prick Nutrition since it delivers all required nutrients to the site of action in the skin thus making the skin acting as a natural slow-release system. Mesotherapy boosts the health of the skin as well as the appearance and can be used both as skin rejuvenation treatment and as preventive treatment for maintaining a youthful look. Aesthetic mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation is regarded as less invasive compared to laser treatment, dermabrasion or aesthetic surgery, but at the same time more effective and longer lasting than cosmetic or daily skin care procedures.

The medicines used for treatments act at skin cellular and extracellular matrix levels and contain naturally found in the body vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, coenzymes, proteins such as collagen, glycosaminoglycans such as hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and plant DNA which are crucial for cell protection and repair. Concentration of these molecules in injectable medicines corresponds to their physiological concentration in the body, which aims to stimulate self-healing or self-rejuvenation processes without involvement of toxins and potential oxidants.

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About Our Health Screening Programme

Our Health Screening Programme includes:
  1. Safe, reliable and non-invasive Health MOT (homeostasis evaluation) with the Health Detector™ Scan (Virtual Bodytalk)

  2. Comprehensive biomedical tests (click here for the list of available Lab Tests ) to further investigate medical conditions, indicated by the scan
Many diseases show their symptoms only at the advanced stage of development and are usually the result of underlying pathological patterns. Recognition of these patterns should be a part of everyone’s age-management programme.
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Our Practitioner

Alla Cranham studied pharmaceutical chemistry in her native Russia before completing an MSc degree in biomolecular sciences at Nottingham University. She received further education in the Academy of Homotoxicology and Bioregulatory Medicine, then was trained in Mesotherapy and Aesthetic Medicine in London, Milan and Moscow. Alla recently completed her training in American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine and is currently working towards her Doctorate's degree. She is a qualified & insured Aesthetic Practitioner, Mesotherapist, Scenar therapist, as well as Fellow of Royal Society for Public Health and CPD Institute, a member of Biochemical Society, Society for Back Pain Research, CMA, ISOHH and ABAAHP.


Alla practices what is known as Anti-aging Integrated Medicine, combining elements of conventional and aesthetic medicine with medical (complex) homeopathy and nutrition. This enables her to take a holistic approach to identifying and dealing with the underlying causes of illnesses while making her clients feeling and looking younger and healthier. Such approach does not mean to interfere or replace existing conventional medical treatment, but rather to integrate with it. She runs her clinics in Nottingham, Derby and London.


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