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In Vivo Health Limited: Supplier of innovation technology for non-invasive express evaluation of homeostasis and Health Screening Programme and a sole distributor for OTI Officine Terapie Innovative Srl. in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Finland.

In Vivo Health adds value to the way healthcare is delivered. We believe that our innovative service and technology solution will help healthcare professionals to provide better care for their patients.

Our computerised Health Detector™ scan system (virtual Bodytalk) helps doctors and healthcare practitioners to cost-effectively eliminate diagnostic error in primary stages and to apply a holistic rather than symptomatic approach to their patient’s health problems.

In Vivo Health Ltd. supplies Health Detector™ technology and provides training and technical support to the doctors, registered nurses and practitioners in the U.K.

The company was initially established in 2001 as a manufacturer of bovine colostrum based immunomodulators.

Health Detector™ technology is linked with Medical Homeopathy (also known as Complex Homeopathy, Homotoxicology or Bioregulatory Medicine), the system of holistic medicine derived from Classic Homeopathy and known since 1950s. Medical Homeopathy is the part of what is known as Integrated Medicine which applies basic medical sciences such as immuno-pathology and molecular biology to the principles of Classic Homeopathy providing the bridge between complementary and mainstream medicines.

We offer Health Screening Programme using our Health Detector™ scan system either in conjunction with comprehensive biomedical tests or separately within the scope of our services available to general public. Evening working hours and mobile services available.

We supply OTI products for Aesthetic Medicine, Professional Beauty, Classic and Complex Homeopathy to the doctors, registered nurses and practitioners on their request. Cosmetic products and food supplements are supplied to general public.

Please contact us or visit our dedicated website www.invivohealthandbeauty.co.uk if you require any further information.

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