According to Wordpower Dictionary ‘Cybernetics is the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things`. This is a term more used by mathematicians and physicists rather than medical professionals. As a discipline it has relevance to computer science and biochemistry but only recently been applied in to modern medicine in a practical sense.

John Muir defined the principle of Cybernetic Medicine as the following: “Whenever we consider anything in isolation, we find it's connected to everything in the universe.”

Cybernetics is a theory of control systems which can be studied and mapped. Cybernetics focuses on system’s function, the way it self-controls and self-regulates including communication with other systems or with its own components. The diagnostic focus in Cybernetic Medicine is on assessing the function of the body organs, not just their current state or output. For example the output of the thyroid gland is regularly measured in conventional medicine by measuring thyroid hormones level in blood sample which is then compared with what is accepted as ‘the limits of norm’. If the levels in the blood are satisfactory, then the thyroid gland is working fine. The cybernetic approach is radically different. We look at the process as it’s taking place.

Imagine that you need to get to railway station by car. The first day, you drive in a brand new Jaguar with music, climate control air-conditioning system, electric windows, heated seats etc. The second day you drive in an old Metro with flat battery, flat tyres, coughing and jerking all the way to the station. Both cars will get you to the station, but can you honestly say that the second journey was as good as the first one? If measured with the blood test approach, the both journeys were equally successful because the same result was achieved.

So this approach gives cybernetic health assessment programme an advantage over conventional diagnostics. Cybernetic health assessment can point the way to a trouble ahead. Just as it’s easy to predict that the old car is likely to suffer from brakes failure, so does a cellular metabolic analysis predict the likelihood of illness and the organ failure. Furthermore, it can do this in the absence of obvious pathology and often in the presence of contradictory symptoms. Many patients are then able to reduce uptake of their unnecessary medications as practitioners are able to target the real source of their illness.

The Health Detector™ Technology (virtual Bodytalk)



In technical terms, the system is designed on principles of VPE (verified prediction engineering) which require two things:

  1. detailed model of human homeostasis based on regional statistics for gender and age

  2. comprehensive data obtained by assessing the patient’s body impedance (using hands electrodes) and induced magnetic field or patient’s biomagnetism (using read relay incorporated into the headphones) dynamics under non-invasive stimulation of each organ at the time with specific sets of signals.

The system scans all organs and systems (except for muscular system), tissues, cellular components and chromosomes in the body and detects illnesses at any stage (according to 6-phase table of disease evolution in Homotoxicology) including very early stages, even before appearance of any symptoms. It also detects the illnesses in history which were not recorded in the system before the session started (which gives this technology huge credibility as someone can doubt their future illnesses, but they can’t deny their history of illnesses).   The health problem areas are shown in the form of coloured dots over 2-dimentional images of the organs that appear in response to physiological stimulation during diagnostic session.

Functional principles of this system are very much similar to a non-linguistic Lie Detector (hence the name of Health Detector™): question -> answer (i.e. stimulation with specific for each organ sets of colours, sound, magnetic induction and micro electric current via electrodes -> then the answer in the form of alteration of magnetic field and impedance).

The computer program analyses the set of output signals comparing these with 25,000 spectral characteristics of different diseased organs, tissues and mutated genes from its database and produces diagnostic information on presumptive health conditions with the coefficient of probability. The Health Detector™ technology provides diagnostic information with 95% accuracy in soft tissue organs and up to 87% in bones, skin and eyes compared to the clinical test results.

The non-invasive express method of detection and correction of pathological processes in the body was developed in Russia about 16 years ago using the principles of radar technology in the design of biophysical amplifier with magneto-optical resonance cell facilitating Vegeto-testing. The method allows detection and interpreting of electromagnetic field of the body and also allows visualising the obtained information in the form of virtual dynamic model of organs and systems. By today, several generations of Russian biophysical amplifiers were designed and developed: Miranda, Oberon, Phaeton, Aurum etc.

In the early 1990s a group of Russian scientists measured the frequency spectrum of healthy human organs and determined the patterns of their biological response to electromagnetic frequencies.

Not only the frequency, but the shape of the signal (its amplitude and intermittence) was found to be of high importance in the process of activating different organs in the body.

The most sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies organ appeared to be a pineal gland; least sensitive – skin and bone tissue.

Organs/Systems Corresponding frequencies S/Q Corresponding visual WL/colour Corresponding sound WL/musical notes
13. Brain
12. Spinal Cord, Receptors
11. Endocrine System Organs
10. Lungs, Immune System
 9. Urinary System Organs
 8. Liver, Gallbladder
 7. Reproductive System Organs
 6. Small Intestine, Pancreas
 5. Stomach, Large Intestine
 4. Blood, Spleen

 marker of informational energy

 3. Heart, Blood Vessels
 2. Bones, Joints
 1. Skin, Eyes
10,00 \   6 
  9,24 \   9
  8,47 \ 12
  7,70 \ 17
  6,93 \ 22
  6,16 \ 27
  5,39 \ 34
  4,62 \ 41
  3,85 \ 48
  3,08 \ 57

  2,31 \ 66
  1,54 \ 77
  0,77 \ 88

(380 nm) dark violet

(397 nm) violet

(430 nm) indigo

(486 nm) blue

(517 nm) greenish blue

(527 nm) green

(565 nm) greenish yellow

(580 nm) yellow

(585 nm) gold

(589 nm) orange

(656 nm) reddish orange

(686 nm) red

(760 nm) dark red



High frequencies responding organs (e.g. brain, eyes):

Low frequencies responding organs (e.g. bones, skin):

Medium frequencies responding organs (e.g. lungs, pancreas):

Using computer topographic images of human organs, the group of Russian scientists and medical professionals had applied these findings into developing the Health Detector™ Technology. Health Detector™ Technology is a computer modelling of homeostasis based on magneto-optical resonance data obtained by scanning the patient’s organs with the biophysical amplifier and using the patient’s brain as a sensor in the way, similar to a Lie Detector. Physiological load on the patient in the form of specific sets of visual and audio signals, magnetic induction and micro electro current produces biological response from each organ at the time in the form of dynamic shift in tissue impedance and in electromagnetic potential values which is detected by the system. The output signals (thought to contain the energy-informational signals) are contrasted with conventional signal amplitude processing. The areas of absorbance (pathology) are taken as a function of the input signal frequency and the output signal that is processed using nonlinear system entropy-based algorithm (also used in military radar technology) allowing for an improved signal to noise ratio and therefore improved detectability of pathology.

The first phase (direct) energy-informational impulse has a short high amplitude cathode (-) signal and long low amplitude anode (+) phase. This form corresponds to a neuron action potential within the nodes of Ranvier


        S(-) = S(+)
The second phase (inversion) energy-informational impulse has preparation cathode plateau and ascending anode (relaxation) phase which facilitate information transfer pathway PATIENT-OPERATOR -MICROPROCESSOR:

Biophysical amplifiers possess similarity of principles with information-theory-based signal receivers that are used in Biological Molecular Imaging in tumour angiogenesis studies.

The hi-tech hardware - software Health Detector™ complex comprises biophysical amplifier with MOR cells, triggering sensors (hand electrodes and a pair of headphones) including telemetric triggering bio-analyser integrated into the left earpiece, and a PC/Laptop equipped with Health Detector™ software.


Health Detector™ system allows for express evaluation of homeostasis and detection of pathological processes at very subtle level, even before appearance of any symptoms. It also facilitates performance for Vegeto-testing allowing to create individual spectral nosodes (resonance homeopathy), allopathic and homeopathic remedial mapping, nutritional mapping, frequency compensation therapy and by floating electromagnetic frequencies (the latter by means of attached Scenar device).



The overall readings are processed in the software that correlates it to the level of organ’s toxicity according to Dr. Reckeweg’s Six-phase Table of Homotoxicosis and produces different colour dots over the organs’ computer images on the screen. Colour of the dots corresponds to a phase of homotoxicosis in the following manner:

with the following designation:

Reserve ideal tissue (stem cells). Actively functioning tissue – toxins excreted. Fatigued tissue with toxin deposition. Inflammation. Homeostasis deformation. Cell damaging toxins impregnation. Chronic and latent illnesses. Homeostasis disturbance. Target-organ appearance. Functional imbalance. Degenerative diseases. Homeostasis destruction. Structural changes in organs and tissues. Foreign bodies, ulcers or neoplasm.

Any biological system is based on the Law of Probability and is governed by the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

Any isolated thermodynamic system has certain amount of internal energy, which can be changed if system receives or looses energy. Such energy could be a heat or a work, so:

ΔU = H + W

Usually work is related to expansion of the system, and if work is done by the system, the value will be negative:

W = - PΔV and ΔU = ΔH - PΔV

In biological system reactions normally take place at constant pressure (usually atmospheric) and in solutions, and therefore without significant volume change. Thus, for such systems the internal energy change ΔU will be equal to the Enthalphy change ΔH.

Enthalpy means heat content of the system or a heat absorbed during reaction at constant pressure, which normally relates to the number of chemical (ionic or covalent) or non-covalent bonds within the system.

Another characteristic of thermodynamic system called Entropy (S), reflects the degree of “molecular freedom” (or disorder) within the system and has a specific value for each state of certain substance. In biochemical systems most reactions occur in solutions and at constant temperature (ΔT=0), so it could be characterized with even more simple conception of Gibb’s free energy (G) which is a measure of the work that can be obtained from the reaction (or work that can be done by the system).

ΔG = ΔH – T ΔS

Reactions that take part in biological systems could only be favourable when the value of free energy change is negative, i.e. when ΔG < 0.

Life is a meta-stable state which maintains and reproduces itself as a thermodynamically far-from-equilibrium event due to the exchange of energy and matter taking place between the living system and the environment. Work is taking place to maintain an exchange rate. Erwin Schrodinger said that a living organism has the "astonishing gift of concentrating a ‘stream of order’ on itself and thus escaping the decay into atomic chaos."

Quantum effects are significant in such modern technologies as the laser, the transistor, the electron microscope and magnetic resonance imaging. In recent years, however, research into the very foundations of quantum mechanics has led to a new field – quantum information technology that also covers quantum cryptography and quantum teleportation (does this sound like a script for a science fiction movie?).

Quantum physics recognises such aspects of reality beyond Newtonian mechanics as matter-energy duality, ‘unified fields’ of energy and matter, and the wave functions. The theories of modern particle physics support the concept that bioenergy may be expressed in terms of vibrational quality of living organisms.

Everything in our life is energy and information, and disturbances in these fields may give rise to diseases. Modern technology and technological advances these days allow for development and use of electronic machines to identify pathological and healthy energies (frequencies) in the body.

The newest entropy-based concept of informational field in biology breaks an exclusive circle of our classic conceptions and makes us to think ‘OUTSIDE THE BOX’. Inter- and intracellular communications within biological systems take place via information transfer. It is postulated that present in any biological system torsion magnetic fields (linked with the iron-storage molecules of ferritin) facilitate this information transfer.

Torsion magnetic fields are present within any system where the movement of charged particles takes place. This means that torsion magnetic fields can only exist within the conductors (which all living organisms are). Potential magnetic fields exist outside the conductor. If there is no electric current within the conductor (hence no torsion magnetic fields), the potential magnetic fields can not be registered. This is the main functional principle of the Health Detector™ system which allows for spectral analysis of torsion magnetic fields of human body.

Death represents the triumph of entropy - when you reach equilibrium in biology: you are dead. The breakdown of the negative feedback system leads to the dissipation of information and the system subsides into thermodynamic equilibrium. Life in essence can be characterized by chaotic elements that display order, and death is a state of disorder where energy and information are lost which is relevant to 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

Disease lies somewhere between the two, consisting of informational system, energy and matter partial disorder. Health and Disease are states of order and disorder of the body. The search for cause and effect will be successful when the causes are precise and limited to a few physical, chemical or biological factors. In case of multiple causes, a complex investigation is required.

Going back to the history:

  • In 1913 Canadian neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield had discovered that the stimulation of a certain portion of the cerebral cortex induces vibrant memories. His research had led many scientists of that time to believe that memory (information) was stored in the brain.

  • In 1920s neuroscientist Karl Lashley found from his experiments on the rats, that independent on the size of rat’s brain-ectomy, the rat was still able to find a pathway in a complex maze it had been taught prior to the surgery.

  • In the late 1950s neurophysiologist Karl Pribram proposed his theory of the holographic storage of memory.

  • In the late 1990s a group of Russian scientists ascertained that unrealized methods of information transfer or communications between biological systems exist in nature and could be referred to as intuition. Until recent time, there was common opinion that this information transfer could not be detected with technical devices. We hope that the unique technology presented here will prove the opposite.

The Health Detector™ is CE marked and certified as medical device of class IIa. It is designed for a safe and non-invasive express evaluation of homeostasis and should be regarded as preliminary check up to identify disease onset or subclinical and comorbid medical conditions.

Conventional medical tests are designed to detect pathology that is in its active state of development. More sensitive diagnostic methods like ELISA or PCR-based tests allowing for detection of latent and chronic pathology are currently far too expensive to be abundant in general medical practice. Therefore biophysical amplifiers are found to be extremely useful in primary care first line diagnostics, private and preventive medicine as well as in health and beauty industry, sports medicine, occupational healthcare and many other areas. Bioresonance method is currently used in Russian police recruitment process.

Typical Health Detector™ scan that includes assessment of all organs and systems in the body, takes from 20 to 55 minutes. An hour should be allowed for preconditioning session, for recording the patient’s medical history details and current complaints, discussion of the results and if necessary, a therapy by frequency compensation.

Any surgically removed organ will be graphically represented on the screen as a scarred tissue or a healthy organ as the system is NOT designed to recognise it. Presence of dental metal crowns and metal amalgam in the patient’s mouth will affect the accuracy of results. The same applies to such factors as patient’s scepticism, patient’s natural resistance to hypnosis and mental health state.

Due to possible ambiguity of the scan results children under 6 years of age, pregnant women and people with genetic disorders affecting their mental/psychiatric health or those suffering from epilepsy, dyspraxia, autism or any mental/psychiatric condition are advised NOT to take Health Detector™ scan session.

Patients attending Health Detector™ scan session should wear loose comfortable clothing that allows the feet to be easily exposed; have nothing to eat or drink for at least one hour before the session and allow 10 to 15 minutes to rest afterwards. No alcohol, drugs of medications (other than any necessary prescribed medications) should be consumed at least 24 hours prior to the session as these may affect the scan results.


The patients should take off all jewellery, watches and waist belts with metal buckles and remove keys, mobile phones and money from their pockets prior to the session.

Please click here to read our Terms and Conditions if you intend to book a scan session. For more detailed information on how the bioresonance scanning works please search YouTube for How Does Bio Resonance Scanning Work? presentation by Dr. David Jowdy.

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