About Our Health Screening Programme

Scientists say that the human body is genetically designed for a life span of 120 years. We fail to make it mainly due to our illnesses and failure to manage them.

The key to good management is in the possession of timely information which also applies to information regarding our own health.

Unprecedented technology of the Health Detector™ Scan offers a cost-effective solution in first line diagnostics and gives you unique opportunity to:

  • detect your illnesses at any stage, even very early on, before any symptoms appear

  • take early preventive measures against further development of your ailments into more serious medical conditions

What is Health Detector™ Scan?

The Health Detector™ is a hi-tech computerised system that produces very similar effects to hypnosis on the patient’s brain and picks up the health related memory detecting the patient’s history of illnesses, current illnesses and the illnesses in the very early stage of development. The health problem areas are shown in the form of colour-coded dots over 2-dimentional images of the organs that appear in response to physiological stimulation during diagnostic session.

The entire system is designed using principles of VPE (Verified Prediction Engineering) and operates in similar way to a non-linguistic lie detector, i.e. question in the form of colours and sound – answer in the form of dynamic change of body’s biomagnetism and impedance (hence the name of Health Detector).

The Health Detector is CE marked and certified as Medical Device class IIa; the system is tried and tested and is widely used in Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Scandinavian, North and Latin American countries.

The Health Detector™ scan results could be comparable with ultrasound scan results. Click here to see Health Detector vs Ultrasound Scan results.

The scan results will enable our homotoxicologist Alla Cranham to suggest an appropriate treatment depending on the stage of illness.

As a tool for express evaluation of homeostasis, the Health Detector™ scan could be successfully incorporated into any GP, holistic or private medical practice and primary care spots medicine.

Our goal is to introduce the Health Detector™ to NHS.

The Health Detector™ scan is:

  • For all age groups from age of four

  • Produces an informative printout of results

  • Allows testing for food intolerances and drugs unfavourable responses (iatrogenicity)

  • Not recommended for people suffering from epilepsy, dyspraxia, autism, genetic or other disorders affecting their mental/psychiatric health

Click here to read our Terms and Conditions.

As with all tests, definitive diagnostic or therapeutic decisions should not be based on any single result or method, therefore in addition to non-invasive Health Detector™ scan we also offer a number of biomedical tests using blood, urine or saliva samples and performed either by our practitioner in situ or via the private laboratories (click here to see our list of Lab Tests).

The Health Detector’s™ software design is linked with Homotoxicology, the system of integrated medicine known since 1952 that is based on biochemical and homeopathic approach to help the body heal itself.

We offer a choice of therapies:

  1. Homotoxicology for chronic and degenerative conditions using on-prescription anti-homotoxic medicines.
  2. Therapy by frequency compensation for psychosomatic disorders (e.g. hypochondria) using the Health Detector™ system facilities.

Click here for detailed information about Health Detector™ technology.

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