Elizabeth, 59 y.o., Alfreton, January 2007:

I was diagnosed on ‘Health detector’ system on 1st December 2006. I was a bit sceptical about this diagnostic equipment. I complained about high blood pressure and fatigue. The test showed some problem areas - cholesterol level was supposedly higher than normal, some changes in heart muscle and valves and a problem in left kidney.

My ‘Health detector’ practitioner advised me to do blood tests and some other tests using conventional methods, which I did straight away, few weeks later in December 2006. Most of what was shown on ‘Health detector’ system was confirmed: my blood cholesterol level was high; the ultrasound scan has revealed fibrosis on tricuspidal valve and calcinosis on mitral valve of my heart with conclusion ‘myocardial sclerosis’ while ‘Health detector’ system suggested ‘myocardial dystrophy’. The ultrasound scan also revealed presumptive duplex left kidney.

So, it was proven that I can trust ‘Health detector’, can use it for future diagnostics and check ups. I also used medication which my ‘Health detector’ practitioner Alla Cranham advised me to take and now I feel much better, I feel having more energy and my blood pressure went down.

Now I can recommend this wonderful system to my friends and anyone who would like to do check ups to identify problems and undertake treatment using natural drugs.

Thomas, 69 y.o., Nottingham, January 2007:

I have been subject to two Health detector Diagnostic sessions last year by two independent consultants, the latest being on 10th November 2006 carried out by Alla Cranham in Nottingham.

Diagnostic results indicated potential problems in several areas: right shoulder joint, right knee joint and 'presumptive prostate problem'.

Subsequent investigation by X-ray, via my General Practitioner, confirmed problems with my right shoulder and right knee with osteoarthritis in both joints with some deterioration of the bone and cartilage. Early application of physiotherapy exercises has improved the mobility of both joints significantly, but the pain was still persistent and could only be eased by regular uptake of painkillers.

However, the course of anti-homotoxic therapy, which lasted for few months, eventually produced excellent results: the pain has gone and the joints mobility was completely recovered.

Subsequent blood test for prostate specific antigen, which I had some weeks after I’ve completed the course of anti-homotoxic medication Sabal Homaccord®, produced negative result.

Without any specific knowledge of the diagnostic process or of the medical features identified in the body my assessment must be subjective. However, traditional medical tests and assessments confirmed the Health Detector Scan indication and enabled early action to be taken to address the problems identified. As a consequence, I would certainly recommend the Health Detector Scan for early non-invasive identification of possible medical problems.

Alexandra, 24 y.o., London, September 2007:

I underwent Homotoxicology consultation in November 2006 in hope to get rid of my long-termed acne. I did not have any other symptoms at the time.

The Health Detector scan results indicated that I‘ve had several presumptive health problems such as ovarian, adrenal and gastro-intestinal (gastritis). The practitioner explained to me about relation between endocrine complications and acne and prescribed a number of medications to be taken over a period of few months.

Having been sceptical about this system, I undertook further tests in early December 2006 in the form of an annual medical check up under my private medical insurance. The results did not confirm any health problems indicated by the Health Detector scan.

Six weeks later, in January 2007, due to severe abdominal pain I had to go to the Emergency Department of London’s hospital where I was diagnosed with stomach ulcer which was related to previous Health Detector scan results.

I was also sceptical about effectiveness of Homotoxicological medications and abandoned the treatment as this produced very little improvement on my acne after two months of therapy. I’ve decided to go for a beauty salon treatment which produced some improvement on my skin, but only temporarily. Later on my skin condition suddenly became worse as I’ve started training for my London Flora Marathon run. My practitioner had persuaded me to take further saliva test for adrenal stress index arranged via a private laboratory which confirmed the adrenal fatigue (total cortisol level was 17.2 nmol/l with reference limit 20-40 nmol/l). I continued the therapy course for two more months, and now my skin is totally cleared of acne.

Taking into account my recent experience I would certainly recommend using Homotoxicology to treat chronic conditions as well as Health Detector scanning for proactive health monitoring and for early preventive measures, which will ensure that minor health problems are detected before they get a chance to develop into acute phases.

Isobel, 25 y.o., London, July 2009:

Thank you for the course of treatment (homeopathic mesotherapy for localised fat reduction). That inch off my love handles is worth it!

Elizabeth, 61 y.o., Alfreton, August 2009:

Last year I started having pain in my knees. The ultrasound scan confirmed Baker cyst (formation of synovial-fluid-lined sac) in my right knee. My doctor prescribed me anti-inflammatory drugs which improved my condition only temporally. Alla offered to me the course of homeosyniatry (shallow microinjections of homeopathic medicines into acupuncture points) on my knees. As she has warned me, the first session produced worsening, but after the second session I literally forgot about my knee pain. Upon completion of the treatment course I was capable to go for a walk across the hills in Peak District while before the treatment could not climb one flight of stairs without screaming from very strong pain. Last month I had another ultrasound scan which confirmed that my Baker cyst has disappeared. Many thanks to Alla!

Antonia, 63 y.o., Derby, May 2011:

I developed acute low back pain two days after I’ve spent some time babysitting with my 14 months old grandson. I didn't want to take any painkillers as they irritate my stomach, and all my self-help measures during the following three months did not produce any improvement. I’ve decided to ask Alla if she could help me. After the second combined treatment session of Scenar therapy immediately followed by shallow homeopathic injections on my back my pain slowly subsided over one week time and never came back since. I am so appreciative to Alla and wish her the very best health.

Dr. C.B., 66 y.o., London, September 2011:

Being a medical professional myself, I suffered from polymyalgia rheumatica for ten years taking a handful of drugs on daily basis. My health was slowly deteriorating resulting in mobility reduction and eventually disability. Alla suggested for me to take one medicine which I never thought of treating polymyalgia rheumatica with, and this produced such a difference to my mobility that I would certainly recommend Alla as the one to consult with especially when you are at the point of ‘the last resort’.

Dave, 55 y.o., Chesterfield, April 2013:

I’ve been diagnosed last year with a type of cancer called mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos nearly 40 years ago. I was due to start chemotherapy when I came to see Alla. She gave me only one session of Scenar therapy and also prescribed the course of detoxification therapy that I had to take before and after the chemotherapy. I was surprised how easy I went through the six-months course of chemotherapy: I was sick only once and had only one day (the day of chemotherapy infusion) of downtime being able to go back to work next day. It is now three months since I’ve completed the chemotherapy course; I feel fine and continue running my own business on daily basis.

Thomas, 76 y.o., Nottingham, June 2013:

My 'presumptive prostate problem' identified seven years ago via the Health Detector scan turned up as prostate cancer earlier on this year. I had to undertake numerous medical diagnostic tests, but only biopsy confirmed cancerous growth. Fortunately these findings happened to take place at very early stage of cancer according to my NHS consultant, so hopefully will be manageable. Certainly the Health Detector scan helped me to keep my awareness at high level which I believe helped in early detection of cancer by medical establishments.


KGB technology used in diagnosis

Technology developed by the Russian KGB is being used to help diagnose and predict impending illnesses, a scientist has said.

Russian-born consultant Alla Cranham has used the technique to develop the Health Detector, which measures impulses from the brain to pinpoint hidden weaknesses in other parts of the body. It can then identify potential problems in internal organs, bones and muscles, its creator said.

Mrs Cranham's Nottingham-based company In Vivo Health uses the technology to help patients across the country, and she said she has successfully predicted ailments including skin cancer, sexually transmitted infections and cataracts. She said the Health Detector can find potential problems when the symptoms may not be picked up by conventional medicine.

"It is a successful early warning system for impending disease, which allows us to identify and treat ailments before symptoms become apparent," she said.

"The Health Detector operates using the principles of Cybernetics, a scientific theory, which studies and maps control systems. "It focuses on the way a system functions and how it self-controls and regulates. "Cybernetic medicine assesses the function of body organs and can predict where problems are likely to occur. "The brain is the centre of the human control system and it knows where weaknesses lie. The Health Detector picks up the signals from the brain and analyses them to produce a virtual scan of the whole body."


Comment: The above described technology does not include 'picking up the signal from the brain' as per interpretation of the journalists who had written the article, but rather detects dynamic changes of very weak electromagnetic field around the head in response to specific stimulation of organs. (by Alla Cranham).

Could natural vitamin injections beat cellulite?

If the thought of hitting the beach this summer is filling you with dread, a new non-surgical, homeopathic procedure could help beat the bulge and get your body bikini-ready.

Mesotherapy is a course of natural vitamin injections that promises to aid weight loss by battling fat, and according to some experts, may even tackle problem cellulite areas as well as treating tell-tale wrinkles.

The course of multiple injections includes homeopathic remedies, vitamins and plant extracts which reportedly target adipose fat cells, where energy is stored and extra padding gathers.

Described as a ‘medicinal bullet’, mesotherapy is a build-up therapy, as opposed to a quick fix answer to dimpled thighs, and requires a course of treatments over a period of weeks to see results.

Favoured by stars from Elle Macpherson to Sophie Marceau, could this be the answer to our body issue dilemmas? Let's hope so!


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